Minutes of meeting: Tuesday 23rd April 2024

AGM of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Households in Temporary Accommodation.

Date: 23/4/24
Time: 14.00-14.30
Location: Room W2, Westminster House

Co-Secretariats: Shared Health Foundation (SHF) and Justlife Foundation (JL)

Attendees in Person:

Sam Pratt (SHF), Grace Bute (SHF), Morgan Tebbs (Justlife) Siobhain McDonagh MP (Labour, Chair), Rebecca Long-Bailey MP (Labour) Bob Blackman MP (Conservative), Karen Buck MP (Labour), Baroness Lister of Burtersett (Labour), Lord Richard Best (Crossbench), Andrew Western MP (Labour), Eddie Hughes MP (Conservative), Natalie Elphicke MP (Conservative), Paula Barker MP (Labour), The Lord Bishop of Manchester (Bishops)

Independent Chair: 

Hannah Bardell MP (SNP)


To vote on re-electing existing officers to the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Households in Temporary Accommodation. 


Independent Chair Hannah Bardell led the meeting with the following: 

  • Highlighting the agenda for the meeting
  • Provided vote for Siobhain McDonagh to continue as Registered Chair of the APPG
  • Provided vote for Rebecca Long-Bailey, Karen Buck and Bob Blackman for their roles as Officers of the APPG
  • Provided vote for Shared Health Foundation and Justlife Foundation to continue role as co-secretariats of the APPG
  • Annual reports approved
  • Due Diligence statement approved  

Participants of the meeting voted in agreement on the above votes.

The meeting was concluded at 14:10

Households in Temporary Accommodation All Party Parliamentary Group Annual Report 2023

APPG Temporary Accommodation – Due Diligence – 2024

APPG Temporary Accommodation – Income and Expenditure – 2024