‘The Debt Trap’ report – Women’s stories of navigating family homelessness and TA in Greater Manchester

Women and children are stuck in a ‘debt trap’. This research report evidences how rental, council tax, and other personal debts are shaping families’ housing journeys into and on from homelessness and temporary accommodation. Debt not only causes, lengthens, but also outlives family homelessness.

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Call for evidence findings: summary, analysis of themes and call to action

Following the APPG’s first meeting, a call for evidence was launched to gather written and photographic evidence of conditions in temporary accommodation (TA) from people with who live in it, have lived in it or support those who do.

Through case studies collected from across England, the findings include mould, health and safety risks, overcrowding and much more. These paint a clear picture of a growing population trapped in TA which is substandard, suffering additional avoidable hardship as a consequence.

Guided by the evidence we have received, we call for TA to be included in the new “Social Housing (Regulation) Bill” and propose a 7-point policy plan in this report. We also invite relevant bodies to explore opportunities to collaborate through the APPG so that together we can improve the lives of the 95,060 households currently stuck in TA.

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